Make More Space in Your Jewelry Box

Visit our antique jewelry buyer and make some cash in Williamsville, NY

Is your jewelry box filled with pieces you no longer wear? Did you inherit antique jewelry that you don't want? Anastasi Jewelers is a local jewelry broker in Williamsville, NY willing to purchase your old jewelry. We'll help you clear out your jewelry box and make some cash in the process. We'll take everything from pristine to broken pieces. Jewelry is refurbished and resold for someone else to love.

Visit our antique jewelry buyer today to see what your old jewelry is worth.

Give your old jewelry new life

Anastasi Jewelers is happy to take all kinds of unwanted gold, silver and gems off your hands. You can bring all kinds of items to our jewelry broker, including your:

Broken chains

Antique rings

Gold coins

Old bracelets

Silver Dollars

Silver Half Dollars

Silver Quarters

Silver Dimes

Sterling Silver Teasets

Silver Flatware

Our antique jewelry buyer offers top dollar for pieces in great condition. Call 716-875-2200 to learn more.